3 star sea kayaking around Puffin Island, Anglesey (Day 5 of 5)

On our last day it was back to having Phil as our instructor. Stuart had assured him that we had all already successfully covered all the parts of the 3* under continuous assessment so we were free to have a pleasant journey today.
We went to Puffin Island on the southeastern side of Anglesey.

There were puffins, shearwaters, razorbills,herons, cormorants, seals,tourist boats and a big lighthouse out in the middle of the water with ‘NO LANDWARD PASSAGE” written in huge letters on the side. The tide was not so low, so I took delight in escaping from my normal conformist life and breaking all the rules by doing circuits of the lighthouse, going between the strong current and flat water in front of the lighthouse, and into the current-free but rather choppy water in the eddy behind. Such a rebel, me. We then tried the same thing on a huge port channel marker.

The wind was getting up on our trip back – I don’t know if it really was a force 5 relative to the flow through water, or it just felt like it after 5 days of kayaking, but when we reached the end we all decided we didn’t feel like doing any final rolls, rescues, or whathaveyou. Although it may have come out of my mouth as, “There is nothing I would love to do more than some more self rescue practice, but it would be unfair on other members of the public if I took piles of dripping wet gear on the train.” Until next time, goodbye Anglesey, you were fantastic!

The intrepid duo, Zoe and Sylvia

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